Designed specifically for DrinkTanks® growlers and cups, our line
of cleaning products keeps any vessel sparkling clean, restoring it
to its full glory and lets your beer taste as the brewer intended.

Because Beer Deserves Better

Introducing the NEW DrinkTanks® cleaning line! Our Tank Powder and Tank Brush are the perfect accessory combo allowing for easy cleaning of any vessel. 

Cleaning instructions


Add measured DrinkTanks® Tank Powder to any vessel or growler.


Fill vessel or growler completely with hot water.


Stir until powder is completely dissolved. Let sit for 15 minutes. 


Lightly scrub with DrinkTanks®  Tank Brush, re-rinse and air dry. 

The perfect drinking buddy

This growler keg tap is designed specifically for DrinkTanks growlers and will keep your beer fresh to the last drop.

The interchangeable cap can be used on our Classic 64 oz Growler and our Juggernaut 128 oz Growler. Your mini-keg will provide you with an effortless pour anywhere, every time.