The Juggernaut – DrinkTanks® 128 oz Insulated Growler. It is made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel, and has double wall vacuum insulation. The BPA free poly cap is secured by a sturdy double bail locking system that is leakproof and keeps contents cold for 45+ hours and hot for 20+ hours.

It’s the perfect mini keg for the craft beer lover.  Now all you need is a Keg Cap!

  • Cold 45+ hours / Hot 20 + hours
  • 18/8 Premium Stainless Steel / BPA Free
  • Durable and Leakproof
  • Easy Pour Handle
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Holds up to 60 PSI
  • Lifetime Warranty

Choose from 9 stylish finishes or classic stainless steel.


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The DrinkTanks 128 oz Vacuum Insulated Growler is the biggest growler in the world. Able to preserve an entire gallon of beer, our 128 oz growler has been aptly named The Juggernaut for its astounding size and durability. Made with premium stainless steel double wall insulation, this thing is a tank and keeps your beer cold and fresh. It’s dishwasher safe, BPA free, and leak-proof; what more can you ask for in a growler? On your next trip to the local brewery, this beast of a growler is sure to turn some heads. Easily turn The Juggernaut growler into a mini keg with one of our Keg Caps for an effortless, pressurized pour no matter where you are.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 16 in

Copper, Cove, Crimson, Dune, Fern, Moab, Obsidian, Slate, Stainless Steel, Storm

4 reviews for DrinkTanks® 128 oz Insulated Growler

  1. Joel Slayton

    This is the largest growler I have ever laid eyes on. And I guess so since it is the largest one in the world. People may ask, “why in the world would I need a growler this large?” Well when you use it with the keg attachment hanging with your friends or around the campfire or wherever you might be, you can fill it up with several beers, charge it and then drink away without having to worry about refilling for a while. It is so well made. It keeps the beer fresh and cold for a long amount of time and holds a ton. You can’t ask for a better beer growler to take on those long camping trips with great friends! Get one and impress the heck out of all your friends!

  2. Jeff

    I LOVE this growler! As a homebrewer that loves to share my handcrafted beer AND tailgate for multiple hours at a time, a 64 oz growler doesn’t cut it. This 128 oz growler, however, works out GREAT for both purposes. It’s great at keeping your beer cold. Even when the growler is sitting in the sun and is hot to touch, the beer remains chilled! Throw the keg cap on top and you’re serving carbonated beer in style. I can’t salute DrinkTanks enough for the design of this product. I now need to work on building up a reserve of ‘brownie points’ with my Loving Bride so I can score me another gallon growler. That’s really the only thing that would make this growler better – a second one! Cheers…

  3. Bob

    This thing is built like a tank and is super impressive. It WILL impress everyone who sees it. Sorry if I’m a weenie but I would probably never fill this with beer. For me, it’s the perfect vessel for ice cold water around the campsite, or when I am working outside and need to be hydrating, or when I am tailgating after a long run, bike ride, or race. Or, my most recent use, when on a cross-country drive. Just keep in mind it is HUGE! It isn’t light when full but the handle is well designed and makes transporting it as easy as possible.

    Just having this in my truck makes me drink more water and stay hydrated. I just bought the 32 oz size for hot beverages because I am sold on Drink Tanks. But 128 ounces of coffee seemed a bit much for one or two folks! Only thing better would be if these vessels were not made in China.

  4. Kirby L Savage

    I purchased the 128 oz. growler a few years ago from a brewer on the beach. This thing is unbelievable. I have a kegerator at home that I can use to fill before those long camping/fishing trips. Or I can have this thing filled at one of the many brew pubs here in Oregon. Either way this thing will keep your beverage (BEER) cold for the long haul. And, it’s tough as nails. Now I can sure drink some beer sitting by the camp fire, but at 128 ounces this thing will certainly take care of your thirst for a good long while. I later purchased the 64 ounce version as a short trip companion due to the quality of this growler. I can’t recommend it enough. Get out and get one and I can assure you it won’t disappoint. Peace

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