Growler Accessories

Growler Accessories from DrinkTanks allow you to get the most out of your beer growler. Designed specifically for our models, all of our growler add-ons were made to keep your beer at the maximum freshness. Whether you’re out camping with the group or hosting a get together, our accessories for growlers are perfect for any occasion.

The DrinkTanks Keg Cap turns your DrinkTanks growler into a personal, portable mini keg, so your beer stays fresh as you share it with your friends. We supply CO2 cartridge packs and CO2 injectors as well to keep your beer at the perfect carbonation level. If your tank’s cap ever breaks, you can easily replace it with one of our replacement caps.

Shop DrinkTanks accessories for Keg Caps, CO2 cartridges, injectors, and more to transform your growler and take fresh beer wherever you go.