DrinkTanks Rethinks the Growler: Maintaining One’s Cool – and Then Some!
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DrinkTanks_The_Pour_FoolOver the past year, since starting the website version of The Pour Fool, I’ve been going into my email files and addressing some of the questions that readers have had. Most were about the beverages, a few were about people (Who’s the best winemaker or brewer or distiller in America?”, etc., etc.) and quite a few  – despite the fact that I have said a number of times that I don’t review accessory items, books, and other peripherals – were about growlers. 377 people to be exact, have asked me about thermal growlers – something in which to cache some cold tap beer and transport it from A to Z without loss of either bubbles or chill. There are many growlers that are made simply to be beautiful, such as my favorites, the wonderful sculptures-as-vessels from Montana’s Carlsburg Pottery, but these are more or less the same animals as your basic glass growlers: great for the short run home and straight into the fridge. They’re not designed to hold cold indefinitely and I really love the things. But, for real chill and bubble preservation…well, I’ve found very slim pickins.  Read full article…