DrinkTanks® Launches The World’s Largest Growler and Personal Keg on Kickstarter “The Juggernaut™”
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DrinkTanks announced on Monday the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to fund production of The Juggernaut and Kegulator. The campaign funding goal is $75K. Larger than any other growler on the market today, the Juggernaut is a one gallon, 128 oz vessel, cast from double wall, vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel. Paired with the Kegulator, an Auto-Regulating Keg Cap, it makes the perfect growler and personal portable keg:

  • The Juggernaut (patent-pending) has a guaranteed leak-proof dual-bail cap system (patented). Its ergonomic handle makes it portable and pourable, with style and comfort.
  • The Kegulator (patent-pending), an Auto-Regulating Keg Cap, will turn DrinkTanks Growlers into “mini Kegerators”– a step beyond kegs. Why? The system uses a CO2 cartridge and a purge valve to displace the air in the same way kegerators do, keeping carbonated beverages fresh to the last drop.
    • The Kegulator is compatible with both DrinkTanks Growlers: the 64 oz Classic Growler (patent-pending) and the 128 oz DrinkTanks Growler.
    • The Kegulator allows force-carbonation with control from 0 to 40 psi – perfect for homebrewers!

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