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We know that enjoying beer the way it was intended is very important to you and the brewer. The DrinkTanks Keg Cap turns any DrinkTanks Growler into a Personal Keg! We hope this demonstration will help you keep your beer cold, fresh, and carbonated. Cheers!

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  1. Katy

    Do you need to use the CO2 cartridge multiple times for each growler? Or should the half second charge last for the entire growler?

  2. Mark DeLong

    As a new Keg Cap user, I have the same question. How often do you need to “recharge” the Juggernaut to keep beer fresh. Should you recharge after each pour? When no beer is dispensed. I blew up my first two CO 2 cartridges already and I’ve only had three pints. I understand I’ve been overcharging but would appreciate some hints on the frequency to recharge.

    1. DrnkTanks

      Thanks for some great questions! Let me pass on some important information I think will help! So the Keg Cap Accessory Kit is designed for use on all DrinkTanks Growlers to help preserve carbonation and charge and dispense beverages. It is not designed to force carbonate, it utilizes CO2 cartridges to displace oxygen and allow for dispensing of beer from the tap.

      When operating the Keg Cap you do not need to continually dispense CO2. All it takes is a quick half-second charge to dispense your beer and it bleeds off at 10 PSI so you cannot over pressurize your beer. With the Classic 64 oz Growler one 16g CO2 cartridge should get about 3-5 growler fills and The Juggernaut 128 oz Growler you should expect to get 2-3 growler fills.

      You will need to charge your DrinkTanks Keg Cap Accessory Kit before every pint of beer you pour. This is how the Keg Cap is designed to operate, with each half-second charge allowing about a pint of beer to be dispensed from the DrinkTanks Growler.

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