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DrinkTanks Announces Game-Changing 128 oz Growler & Kegulator

We are excited to introduce the newest additions to our lineup – the 128 oz Juggernaut Beer Growler and our Kegulator Auto-Regulating Keg Cap. These offer the same beer-preserving technology as our 64 oz Classic Growler, but with twice the fun!

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Beer Carbonation Chart: The Importance of PSI

A variety of beverages require carbonation. Carbonation is the existence of carbon dioxide gas in the liquid. In simple terms the CO2 gas dissolves in the liquid. This dissolved carbon dioxide is what gives beer its fizz. Now, this dissolving of the CO2 gas into the beer or other beverage can happen one of two ways: either the carbonation occurs naturally through the process of fermentation (brewing the beer) or the CO2 can be forced into the beer under pressure.

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DrinkTanks & Kombucha

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